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  • Bar-B-Q Spice


    When it came to Bar-B-Q, Stubb would say, “It all starts with a good rub.” Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Rub is the original rub, crafted by Stubb himself at his original Texas Bar-B-Q joint—a perfect blend of sea salt, paprika and black pepper.

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q Sauce Hickory Bourbon


    Real bourbon and hickory smoke make for a sauce that’s thick, tangy and the right amount of sweet.

    Stubb’s knew his way around the Bar-B-Q pit, but he was also at home in the kitchen. After all, that’s where the sauce was made. After friends encouraged Stubb to bottle his sauce to sell, he obliged, filling empty bourbon bottles and using Serrano peppers as stoppers. It’s no wonder people consider him a legend.

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q Wicked Wing sauce


    Stubb put his own touch on everything he made. So naturally, this wing sauce is like no other. Texas-born and made with real habanero peppers, this sauce will turn up the heat on wings, or anything else you dare to try it on.

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q-Sauce Original


    This is the real deal, the original. And its tangy tomato, vinegar, molasses and black pepper are gonna treat you right.

    When Stubb opened his original Texas Bar-B-Q joint in 1968 he served a plate of what he called “Love and Happiness.” Stubb smoked meat to perfection and made his sauces from scratch. Today his legacy lives on in the bottle you buy today.

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q-SAUCE Smokey Mesquite


    Authentic mesquite smoke flavor, brown sugar and molasses will park this sauce right in your sweet spot.

    Stubb would often stay up all night long tending the pit at his original Texas Bar-B-Q joint, because as he used to say “Bar-B-Q is eternal, like the Mississippi River. It’s big and slow and it takes its own sweet time.” So slow down and enjoy some real Texas Bar-B-Q. Stubb would be glad you did and so will you!

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q-Sauce Sweet Heat


    Molasses and brown sugar balance perfectly against chipotle peppers. Starts out sweet but ends with Texas style heat.

    When Stubb used to say “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m a cook,” he was being humble. But everyone knew he was more than just a cook, he made the best Bar-B-Q you ever tasted. Today his history lives on his sauce. So share some Stubb’s with friends and family and you too can say, “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m a cook.”

  • Stubb’s BAR-B-Q-Sauce Sweet Honey Spice


    Made Right Honey & rich spices combine to create a sweet warm flavor made with extra love & happiness.

    Busing tables at the original Lubbock restaurant for candy money and working in the kitchen under his uncle Moses, it’s easy to say that Stubb’s grandson, Rocky, has been around Bar-B-Q all his life. So it’s only natural that he’d be able to make an amazing sauce too. An homage to his grandpa, this sauce continues to spread Stubb’s “love & happiness” with a sweet, but not too sweet, sauce that both you and your family will love.

  • Stubb’s Chicken Marinade 340g


    Stubb used to call chicken “bird,” and he certainly cooked plenty of it. We recommend you marinate your bird or any other meat in this blend of citrus, onion and garlic. So use generously and you too can say “Ladies and Gentleman, I’m a cook” …just like Stubb”